Our job

Cadre Vert is an interior plant decoration agency, specializing in the arrangement of atmospheres, made from stabilized plants. The stabilized plant is open to all ideas of landscaping and decoration: vegetable wall,plant frame, furniture but also decorative objects. The stabilized plant allows the emergence of new creative and sustainable expressions. It is a fabulous natural medium, made available to interior architecture professionals, it adapts to all living and working environments. It gives the interior spaces a natural and plant-based atmosphere, synonymous with well-being, and this without any maintenance constraints.

On each project, the Team of Cadre Vert, listening to its customers and in harmony with their sensibilities, proposes totally new solutions, tailor-made, surprising, imaginative and creative.

In relation to architects, designers, agencyrs or directly with clients, the Green Frame team, always in search of excellence, works on all types of projects aimed at institutional places, hotels, restaurants, offices, commercial premises and individuals.

The team

Lothaire Berté

Lothaire Berté was behind the creation of Green Frame. After ten years of experience in the communication and marketing sector, he created in 2008 with Nathalie Creuwels a company, specializing in floral and vegetable event decoration, where his sense of service and creation flourishes with each their achievements. His taste for innovation led him to create and develop at the national level, Cadre Vert, an agency specializing in stabilized plant decoration. In this new activity he thinks with his team, through creative and sustainable solutions, the place of the plant in the places of life, to better develop emotion and promote well-being.

Nathalie Creuwels

Nathalie Creuwels was trained at Blot School, an internationally renowned school specializing in decorative arts. In 2008 Nathalie Creuwels accompanied Lothaire Berté in the development of a company specializing in floral and plant event decoration, a structure in which she expresses all her creativity and shakes up the codes of expression of the Floral design. Nathalie brings her indispensable sensitivity, her artistic reflection and her technical know-how to Cadre Vert. In her decorative stagings, she offers a resolutely contemporary and graphic vision.

Baptiste Sené

Administrative and financial manager

Hugo Montiel

A graduate in applied arts, Hugo joins the Green Frame team as communications and marketing manager in September 2019. From the administration of the website to the food of social networks, Hugo contributes to the development of communication by setting up digital actions. From daily instagram posts to monthly newsletters, he writes text content and purifies his graphic renderings affirming the company’s graphic charter. In charge of the production of client files, he masters the tools of PAO in order to make in the form of 2D or 3D stagings, the visualization of the project by implanting the plant decorations projecting the client in his new space. It is the bridge point between creation and design, in perpetual collaboration with the workshop, he delegates his sketches to the hands of the arrangers, giving birth to the project.

Alexis Chaudet

After studying carpentry, Alexis joined the Green Frame team in 2017. Now in charge of an arrangement and delivery team, he travels the roads of France, but also Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland to arrange future plant decorations. Protecting himself from his equipment and equipment, Alexis must manage his stock of goods and therefore his supplier orders, and can be pleased today to have completed all the projects in a timely manner without any reservations. With his experience, he has the necessary hindsight on site to harmonize the premises down to the smallest details and leave the customer with the utmost satisfaction.

Leopold Berté

A plant designer, Leopold Berté creates walls, plant frames and other creative demands from the most daring to the most complex. A delivery man and poseur, Leopold is part of the team of arrangement and installation of plant decorations on site.

A national settlement

To be as close as you can, Cadre Vert has developed a network of advisors. You can easily interview them and meet them for a discovery of our know-how in the field of plant creation from stabilized plants and a presentation of our achievements.

Green Frame, conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the Reims Champagne-Ardenne TGV Station, has an 800m set2: 160m2 for showroom and offices, 140m2 for the workshops of designing, assembling and assembling sets and finally 500 m2 workshops and warehouses for structural manufacturing, storage, packaging and logistics.

By TGV we are 45 minutes from Paris, 1h20 from Strasbourg, 1h30 from Lille, 2hours from Luxembourg. By the A4 motorway we are 1.30am from Paris and 2hours from Lille.
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