At Cadre Vert, we listen to our customers. We understand the uniqueness of each environment that waits to be transformed. During each step of the process, we will guide you in the creation of the perfect answer to your individual expectations and desires. Our team is able to take on even the most ambitious projects because of structure around 4 areas of expertise: advice and planning, creative design, custom fabrication, and expert installation.



Advice from the experts is always close at hand. Great advice is right at your fingertips to help you define your project and propose the most suitable solutions for your unique environment. Your advisors know stabilized plants and are thoroughly aware of the dynamics involved during the installation process. They are here to listen to your needs and explore the creative possibilities needed to make a proposal that meets even the most demanding expectations.


For each project, we start with a blank page. Indeed, our proposals are prepared to integrate your specific needs with beautifully designed products. After a thorough analysis of your indoor environment, the creation process begins. Our designs are brought to you in 2D or 3D models, letting you visual the project in your own setting.


Cadre Vert provides excellent quality products. We adopt a total integration of the assembly process within our own workshops. From planning to installation, all aspects of your project will be quality controlled, ensuring that all your demands have been met with utmost precision.


The Cadre Vert team delivers your indoor vegetal product, assembles, and installs on site. During this final phase, your creation takes shape. The expert hands of highly qualified craftsmen arrange your décor, perfectly capturing the most detailed aspects of the original design. Our goal is always your complete satisfaction.