Tests show that our stabilized mosses, lichens, and other plants offer significant acoustic benefits. Our stabilized plants are composed of fibrous tissues, just as mother nature made them, offering the ideal density and structure for sound absorption.



An echo effect occurs in places where people work and talk. This phenomenon is due to the surfaces on which sound reflects. The longer an echo lasts, the more it will create a feeling of discomfort, and will induce fatigue, lack of concentration and make communication laborious. Installing soundproofing material at a facility can drastically decrease sound reflections and bring back an atmosphere of peace, enhancing people's well-being and productivity. Soundproof efficiency is measured by an alpha coefficient. The higher the coefficient gets, the less sound reflection occurs. 





Cadre Vert ordered a study on the quality of walls and frames made out of stabilized plants from the Leslie Acoustique group. Cadre Vert's stabilized plant pieces are specially designed to achieve the highest grade sound proofing. The study shows that we have better results than the standard soundproof material used as a reference.