Cadre Vert is an interior decorating agency that specializes in vegetal design (stabilized plant arrangements). We design completely custom-made indoor vegetal products to meet all of your décor and acoustic needs. The plants we use are completely natural, preserved using an innovative liquid glycerin-fill technology, producing arrangements that are soft to the touch and look just like living plants. Stabilized plants offer a variety of design options: vegetal walls, decorative plant panels, partitions, furniture, and even décor objects. Our stabilized plants are the highest quality, offering creative and durable interior décor. Our stabilized plants also provide a fabulous, natural medium for interior designers that adapts to every unique living and working environment. Vegetal design adds a touch of nature and wellbeing to your indoor spaces, all without any maintenance required.

The Cadre Vert team of experts responds to the needs of our customers. Each project is custom made, designed to fit unique spaces and to express the individuality of our clients. Besides working directly with clients, our team collaborates with architects and designers, finding solutions for every interior—from commercial spaces, offices, and restaurants, to hotels, homes, and condos.



Lothaire Berté, founder and CEO of Cadre Vert, spent ten years in communication and marketing before teaming up with Nathalie Creuwels in 2008 to form a company specializing in floral and plant arrangement. An innovator in the field, Berté took the company to a national level when he founded Cadre Vert, pioneering in vegetal design with stabilized plants. Today, with his team of experts, he continues to explore new and creative sustainable solutions using vegetal designs with the goal of enhancing the wellbeing of his customers.


Nathalie Creuwels was trained at the internationally renowned École Blot in Reims, France. She specialized in Decorative Arts and in 2008 partnered with Lothaire Berté to develop a company around floral and plant arrangement where she reinvented traditional décor with innovative and inspired design. Today, Nathalie brings her essential sensibility, artistic reflection, and technical know-how leadership to the Cadre Vert team. Within each of her original creations for Cadre Vert resides her resolutely contemporary, graphic, and inspired vision for design.


Cadre Vert has established and exacting team of creative experts who value quality and commitment to customer service. Our team is structured around four key aspects: high quality counsel, expert designers, reliable office personnel, and skilled installation craftsmen. Together, our team immortalizes the necessity of art with the mantra: “Listen, Understand, and Amaze.”


Cadre Vert has set up a well organised project advisor network. You can reach them any time to get pieces of information and advice. Their expertise will help you define your plant based interior design project. According to your wishes, they will create and design a unique composition.

Contact Lothaire Berté for more information about our network today at +33 3 26 06 20 07 if you are dialing internationally, or +33 3 26 06 20 07 if you are in France.

You can always email M. Berté at lothaire.berte@cadrevert-indoor.fr