MAY 2019

With the Canopy Collection, Cadre Vert offers you a new universe that hearkens back to ancient roots, styling natural wood and preserved foliage with an organic, earthy feel. Pure creations, worked with authenticity, this collection promotes serenity and relaxation. For an atmosphere full of new energy and balance conducive to rejuvenation, inventiveness, and vitality, download our brochure in the "Catalogue" section.





APRIL 2019

In April, we participated in the Workspace Expo, Porte de Versailles in Paris, the new must-see event for the most diverse workspace interior design in the industry. In collaboration with Sedus and TargettiCadre Vert presented an assortment of inspiring installations: 4 collections of maintenance-free interior plant walls, ceiling arrangements with cascading plantfalls, trees with natural trunks and preserved foliage, and many other creations from our collections.


MARCH 2019

Our newest catalogue INSPIRATIONS was born from the high expectations of architect and design companies who provide interior plantscapes. This collection of artificial potted plants includes over 200 products.  INSPIRATIONS is aprofessional resource for architects and interior designers demanding high quality artificial plants. 


Vegetal : Logo & Signage


Your logo is the heart of your business's communication. Engage your clients with a logo by Cadre Vert, created using actual plants, and you immediately reinforce your organization's message of environmental awareness. Cadre Vert offers a comprehensive line of stabilized plants to inspire you. Check out this short video to see examples of the refreshing look that Cadre Vert could bring to your own company. 



Meet Cadre Vert’s team! All year long, these women and men are here to give you the best of their knowledge and skills in counseling, design and craftsmanship to help you create your carefree plant-based interior designs. If you need some inspiration to get you started, make sure to check out our past projects.



Back from vacations, the salon MAISON & OBJET, taking place is Paris from the 7th to the 11th of September, is definitely the place to be.
For this year’s edition, we have created a complete showroom for indoor plant design. Nature magnified by Cadre Vert and highlighted by Prolum (light design) and Zwarthout (Shou-Sugi-Ban).

We will be located in the TODAY SIGNATURE PROJET area, hall 6, N° P126 Q125. We would love to see you there.


JUNE 2018

Wellbeing. This is the simple idea that the pulmonary specialists in Bezannes wanted to express with the interior design of their new clinic, which opened in May. Cadre Vert took this simple concept to a new level, incorporating three specific aspects to the clinic's design: quality decor, identity, and descriptive signage. Framed decor items made of lichen serve as both decorative and informative accents to this interior space, creating a sense of identity and serenity to promote the wellbeing of each and every patient.


APRIL 2018

Delphine et Christophe Boudard-Prévoteau entrusted Aurélien Moreno, interior designer from APO agency, to design their meeting room. The always surprising decor of this inviting conference room is made out of 3 large mixed plants frames



Cadre Vert ordered a study on the quality of walls and frames made out of stabilized plants from the Leslie Acoustique group. Cadre Vert's stabilized plant pieces are specially designed to achieve the highest grade sound proofing. The study shows that we have better results than the standard soundproof material used as a reference.



For the Bilia Emond BMW Mini car dealership in Luxembourg, we designed and installed a well-defined stabilized plant composition.  The complete installation is made out of over 120 stabilized plant pieces. All of them were made in our work facility and set up in the dealership within less than 12 days. Bamboo stems and bamboo alignments define the overall themes for this decor. Lichen frames and stabilized trees were added to the wooden background structures. Special thanks to all members of the team and to Bilia Emond's new managers. To see more of this project, click "Past projects"



The refreshing tranquility of nature greets patients with one of our signature mixed plant walls when entering this contemporary dental clinic. This installation made out of plant walls, screens, and a custom-made tree is the perfect example of how to use stabilized plants to enhance well-being in the work environment. To see more of this project, click "Past projects"



Our new catalog is online! In its 44 pages we present our approach to interior plant design and the expertise we have developed to offer our customers creative, maintenance-free stabilized plant solutions. You can download it from the website’s Catalogs section. You will also find fact sheets concerning 200 stabilized plant products.






This summer at la Ciotat, the Partouche group unveiled their newly conceptualized outdoor casino. ​For this brand new gamer's paradise, in an open air setting for the ultimate inviting atmosphere, we designed a logo made of our hand-selected stabilized plants, sized to make a grand impression. Situated in the reception area of the casino, the logo attracts attention even from outside the establishment. The logo Pleinair is composed of stabilized moss with retro lighting glowing from behind each letter.

7, Létis street

MAY 2017

To serve you better, we are moving to a bigger, better location. Totaling 800m², our new space features 160m² for our showroom and offices, and 140m² for the storage of our more fragile plant stock and for our conception and assembly workshops. Additionally, we now have 500m² for our workshops and warehouses where we will manufacture and assemble our structures as well as house our photo studio, our acoustic testing facility, add storage space for pots and décor, and provide the space needed for proper packing and goods transport.

Ideally located just next to the TGV Reims Champagne-Ardenne train station, by train we are now just 45 minutes away from Paris, 1h20 away from Strasbourg, 1h30 from Lille, and 2h20 from Luxembourg. Our space is conveniently located just off autoroute A4, where by car we are 1h30 from Paris and 2h from Lille.

We are happy to welcome you in our new space located at: 7 Rue de Létis, 51430 Bezannes


APRIL 2017

Our stabilized trees are always custom made. This interior design element certainly provides a strong visual impact that clients are sure to remember! At the BMW dealership, run by Aron in Belgium, we installed a magnificent tree measuring 4.5m high by 2m wide. The trunk is constituted of natural birch on a metal base with boughs and foliage of eucalyptus. This installation is completely natural and durable. We offer a wide range of options and a large variety of sizes within our stabilized tree category—all natural and maintenance free.



At the Maison&Objet convention, a must-see event for interior decorators, architects, and designers, Cadre Vert will present three vegetal creations for interior design. Each will be made from the highest quality, stabilized plant arrangements. We will cover an area of more than 50m2 and can be found at the Triss stage in hall 7, “Scènes d’intérieur gallery,” location F86/G85.

Our exhibit includes:

· One wall of stabilized lichen in two colors: black and green. This composition features innovative LED lighting design technology.
· One diptych: an 18m2 surface that features two of our most innovative materials. On one side of the diptych, we display our diamond collection mixed, stabilized plants. On the other, our high quality moss spheres.
· One 9m long elegant plant line, featuring our beautifully integrated with brand new collection of Diesel wall paving stones.

The Cadre Vert team is happy to greet you in person at the Mason&Objet Convention, January 20 –January



This luminous vegetal wall, made with stabilized lichen, was designed for the reception hall at the renowned Champaign House, Météyer & Fils. This vegetal wall was designed to perfectly compliment the look and feel of such a distinguished establishment by harmonizing with the pre-existing architecture. Visitors immediately experience the more enchanting aspects of interior design upon entering the reception hall.
This particular arrangement was conceived to address the acoustic comfort in the large room by limiting echo and excess noise. The installation required technical capability as well as superb design. Expert planning was formulated within the Cadre Vert workshop, preparing the décor to be seamlessly constructed on installation day.
Careful preparation was formulated within our studio, facilitating the seamless installation process with expertise from our team.

Maison&Objet 2016

September 2016

TRISS, leading manufacturer of contemporary furniture, welcomed the original creations of Cadre Vert during the “Maison & Objet” convention last September. We presented three vegetal wall projects at the convention.

We would like to thank Michel Gross, Director and Founder of TRISS, for this wonderful opportunity.


August 2016

On August 25th and 26th our team reunited in Reims to reconvene with our partners.

On the agenda: creativity session, new products discovery, focus on uses and variants of vegetal logos, a tour of custom made projects, and planning for “Maison & Objet”. These intense, creative workshops were followed by a tasting event organized by champagne maker Waffart-Antoniolli, and the discovery of vintage 864 by Thierry Wafflart. Afterwards, we had dinner at restaurant “La Loge”. Also with us were two of our long-time partners, graphic designer Adrien Contesse and photographer Fred Laure.

We wish to thank our collaborators, customers, and partners for this a beautiful evening event.


July 2016

For the head office of SDP, leading supplier of salon and stylist products, we created a complete 3-part set of intelligent vegetal décor. For the reception area, we installed a set of panels that integrate their very own vegetal logo. In the dining area we installed the perfect solution for soundproofing: a beautiful plant wall that is over 12 m in length, complete with a three color theme from our lichen collection. In the front management offices, we designed and installed a classic monochrome vegetal wall. The set was complimented with stabilized trees. Stabilized bonsais in window boxes added the finishing touch to this project—all requiring no future maintenance.


June 2016

For Brooks agency, we designed wall art using framed vegetal design. Assembly and final crafting was done on site, capturing all the finest details and original design quality only found at Cadre Vert.